I print images using a Canon ProGraf 1000 Glicee (inkjet) printer.  This printer prints sheets up to 17" wide, and 22 inches tall.  Prices for these custom prints vary depending on the print size.  Below are standard sizes that meet most needs, but if you need a custom size, please call me. 

All color prints will be done on Ilford or Moab Bryta papers.  All black and white prints will be done on Ilford Gold Mono Silk. If you have a preference for another fine art paper please call me to see if we can arrange to use that option.  The paper selection may require an adjustment to the price.

On a technical note, each image's aspect ratio will be retained so the print will appear as seen in the Portfolio.  Typical aspect ratios are 3:2, which results in a 6x4 or 6x9 print; 5:4, which results in a 8x10 or 16x20 print; or 1:1.  Some images in the Portfolio depict custom aspect ratios. In that situation I will fit the print to the maximum size that fits within the standard size shown below.

The following are standard size prints and the prices for each: 

  •  4x6/6x9/8x10                             $25.00
  •  10x15/10x12.5                            $50.00
  •   14x21/16x20                              $75.00

To order, please contact me at marvin@midrozphotography.  In your message,  reference the image you would like printed and the size you desire.  If you want a size not shown above please call for details to determine proper sheet size for the desired size print.  We can then determine the price, which will be based on the sheet size needed for the desired print size. 

Once I confirm your order, please return to the site to make your payment using the PayPal link provided below.

Sheet Size